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Travel Like an Alien

This story begins at the airport. Since I bought my first flight ticket for my first flight when I was nineteen years old, I love airports. The right storyteller must love a place that is full of emotions of every kind, place that promises travels far far away, to distant destinations and new adventures…

Your Flight Attendant Zuzana

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AL ULA – Saudi Petra Plus

This is not Petra. Nor Jordan. Nor Indiana Jones movie. Nor the Tomb Raider. This is SAUDI ARABIA. Since this country starts opening up to tourism, it’s been revealing its hidden gems, nobody knew about. And top of them all stands magical Al Ula.

Prague – your coolest guide

Prague. But I’ve heard also ‘Amsterdam of Eastern Europe’. But why would you compare Prague to Amsterdam? Prague is a way more than that!




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Havana, ooh na-na

Havana, ooh na-na

Traveling to Cuba is like traveling with a time-machine backwards in time. In Cuba you have no choice than to disconnect from Internet and fully immerse into life filled with music and smell of cigars and rum. The capitol of Cuba, Havana is timeless.